States In The U.S. That Aren’t Like Canada

The best way to find states that lack a similarity to Canada is to move to states that are farthest away from that country. States bordering the area, like New York, Michigan and North Dakota all share similarities because of their proximity. States that are less like Canada have little to do with the nation because they are so far away. Here’s a list of the top four states that are nothing like Canada.

This is a map of Texas with words in it

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The people of Texas know nothing of hockey and lobsters. Instead, these people enjoy the sport of football, which isn’t a big deal in Canada. While it may not be much of a thing up there, millions of dollars are invested in stadiums every year in the Lone star state. A primary cuisine of Texas is Tex-Mex. Which is food styled in the Mexican way, but reinvented by Texans. This is difficult to find in all regions of Canada, but the restaurants can be found within 20 feet of each other in the lone star state.


Louisiana shares some similarities with Canada. As it is another French-speaking area. But the swamp lands, plantation-like farms and gambling make it a much more interesting place to be. You’ll enjoy seafood, but a much more flavorful type then you’re used to. The Cajun food there’s spicy, tangy, and filled with a lot more critters than you’re used to.


The climate of California’s much different than that of Canada. You’ll enjoy the fact that there’s no such thing as sweater-weather there. The state’s extremely expensive to live in. But there’s always a way to make money in Hollywood. Canada hasn’t a single town like it.


Oklahoma’s basically a giant dessert. The climate, and the people are different than anything you’ll find in Canada for that reason. While you will find native people there, they’re far from the Eskimos you know and love. They’re Native Americans. These guys bring their own unique culture, traditions, and ways of life. Oklahoma’s not unlike Texas, so you’ll enjoy the same Tex Mex and football seasons that region gets. But without the ego.

Take Your Pick!

These are just some of the states that share almost nothing with the nation of Canada. If you’re looking for something new, the United States can offer it to any Canadian in any of the states that belong to the union. All of them are different from Canada, just like how no two states are alike.



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There are various cities in the United States where you can tour. The majestic and beautiful mountain ranges are evidence of beauty. The beautiful coastlines from all the sides of the continent make the continent popular. Below are some of the best cities where you can have all the fun and enjoy touring.

New York City TOURISM

New York City is a city that has lots of attractions and excitement. The town never sleeps. This is from Rockefeller center and Times Square to the Metropolitan Museum of Art And Broadway. The hotels in this city offer reasonable prices since a four star hotel charges below 100 US dollars a night.
Orlando, Florida is a city commonly known as the home of the magic kingdom. This is a city that is a great place for vacation. You can visit the Universal Studio or the Sea World. There are also many Disney theme parks. You will find a lot of fun and exciting adventures from Sunny Orlando. The prices of the hotels here a equally favorable and can accommodate many people.


Las Vegas is a city that fits those whose love for gambling is inevitable, along with plenty of other great attractions for family and younger people alike. The city is known to have great food for everyone, lots of shops where one can go shopping as well as have fun and make merry. The kids can have a ride at the Circus Circus. Since this is a gambling town, many casinos offer accommodation at cheaper prices to attract and get more customers.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, California, is the home of Beverley Hills. This is a place that is known worldwide for most of the celebrities live here. Los Angeles is California%u2019s most popular city. The Venice beach and the Beverly Hills Hotel are among the attractions of the city.


New Orleans, Louisiana, is a home to the beautiful Mississippi river cruise. You can enjoy Creole Cuisine and the Mint tulips. New Orleans is known to have night festivals for almost all the year.


Anchorage, Alaska, has the largest indoor water pack and the H2Oasis. Here one can have fun by digging for dinosaur bones at Alaska Museum. You can also visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.


Honolulu, Hawaii is known for the white sand beaches. There is fun in watching the surfing and beautiful skies. You can visit the Minoa Falls or the Pearl Harbor National Monuments.
Hershey, Pennsylvania is known for the famous Hershey Park as well as the Chocolate World. This is a place where you can take your family s well as chocolate lovers. There are several golf courses where one can have fun.